Tuesday, 23 June 2015

How to set up a local testing server in Dreamweaver CS6(with pictures)

 STEP 1:
Select site>new site from toolbar( as depicted)

Step 2:
Write  sitename as localhost and select Local site folder: as htdocs (by browsing for Xampp>htdocs (xampp will be found in location where u installed the xampp))
After that click on servers(don’t save now) (then new window opens as depicted in step 3)

 Step 3: 
Click on + symbol after selecting servers( then new window opens as depicted in step 4)


Step 4:
Write servername :localhost
Connect using:select local/network
Save folder: as mentioned earlier select the htdocs folder
Web url: write http://localhost (last / will be printed automatically)
Then click on save….then a new window opens (as depicted in step 5)

step 5:
Select only testing
Then click on  save then ur testing server will be successfully created……

Step 6:
For running the code in browser click on the globe symbol
Step 7:
Select preview in required browser
Step 8:
If successful then it gets opened in the browser………